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Duration=88m; A troubled young girl must choose between a carefree and exciting life in the city and a hard-work, no-frills country lifestyle in order to learn who she really is and what she wants out of life; ; directed by=Teddy Smith; stars=Jason London; Audience Score=52 vote.

Watched only because Imogen poots <3. Wow Ryan Bingham, I"ve listened to his music for years, his album Mescalito is amazing. No idea he acted. And this Imogen chick is from That Awkward Moment which I really liked too. I guess this is worth seeing despite the boring trailer. Imogen Poots would be a pretty cool Font Name. This movie is REALLY good, watch it.


Plot twist: Mackenize Davis is going to turn out to be Poot"s sister

So Elizabethtown. Never heard of these actors.

I think I"m PMSing. I"m crying over a country song

Worse song ever. Imogen Poots is by far the funnest name to say in the history of ever. imogenpoots. Why did Imogen look like Ashley Benson in the thumbnail lol I thought it was her that"s why I clicked. This trailer is so boring, i turned off the Internets and went to bed.




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